Thursday, November 12, 2009

Community Involvement from Gregory Maqoma

Gregory Maqoma/Vuyani Dance Theater IS FANTASTIC!

Spending time with Gregory and his musicians
this week has been such an honor. Gregory is an incredible artist and I am so inspired by what he brings as a teacher as well.

Master classes & musician jams have brought new ideas of movement and culture to Seattle participants.

Gregory Maqoma Master Class from STG Presents on Vimeo.

Our talk at Hidmo last night with Donald Byrd, Dumi Maraire, Gregory Maqoma and Vivian Phillips could not have been more engaging---Contemporary African and African American art today was the topic, and it blew me away to hear the diverse perspectives from these artists from across continents. The conversation was followed by musician jam and dancing!

The musicians accompanying Gregory are soooo talented and eclectic— sitar, cello, violin and percussion—what a cool sound all together. They really play from the soul.

Hidmo was a perfect spot to host such an eclectic group of artists and audience members....good food, good company, good music and good conversation. Thank you Hidmo, Donald, Dumi, Vivian and Gregory/Vuyani Dance Theater for bringing your great hearts to the table!

- Liz Young, STG Education & Community Partnerships Manager

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